Manly Council Video 2007 - 2016

This page contains a variety of material sponsored by Manly Council or published via Manly Council IT's YouTube account. Unfortunately not all video content was archived before its sudden deletion.

Manly Mainstreet Centre Management - Immerse Youself In Manly

Launch of The Immerse Yourself In Manly Campaign 2007

Immerse Yourself in Manly was a campaign to promote Manly as a tourism, shopping and dining place. It was a joint initiative of the Manly Chamber Of Commerce and Manly Council. Produced by Wahoo! Creative, the early videos promoted both civic events and commercial businesses in Manly. There were related websites at and, but these are now closed.

Campaign Launch Video - source is 320x240.

Manly Beach - 2007 International Jazz Festival

Promotional Video for Manly Council's 2007 Jazz Festival - source is 320x240.

Manly Food and Wine Festival 2008

Promotional video for Manly Council's 2008 Food and Wine Festival with Sustainability Fair - source is 360x272.

Manly Beach - The Manly Ferry Ride. Circular Quay to Manly 2008

Promotional video produced with Sydney Ferries to encourage visitors to Manly by ferry. Outlines the trip, sightseeing, on-board catering and then covers some features of Manly such as food, dining and shops - source is 360x272.

Manly's Beaches 2008

Promotional video on Manly's Beaches - source is 320x240.

The Entire Manly Corso Refurbishment 2008

Promotional video covering Manly Council's Corso upgrade (completed in two stages) produced in 2008. Contains clip of former Mayor Dr. Peter MacDonald OAM opening Stage 2. Also explains some of the design features of the refurbishment - source is 320x240.

Manly Festival of Surfing 2010

Promotional video for the Council sponsored 2010 Manly Festival Or Surfing - 640x360.

My Manly

My Manly was the last refresh of what had begun as the Immerse Yourself campaign in 2007. Supported by the promotional web site, the My Manly theme was a general "simply visit Manly and have fun enjoying the attractions", rather than promoting specific events. In late 2013 Manly visitor promotions (and the Council's Visitor Infomation Centre (VIC) itself) was rebranded HelloManly. Council mantained a subsidy but management and operation of the VIC was handed over to Manly Mainstreet Centre Management. As a result the Centre outside Manly Wharf was refocussed from a broad and free information provider to a merchandising and commission based agency, operating a visitor information web-site.

My Manly (Manly Beach - Sydney Australia) 2012

Upbeat promotional video about Manly as a destination to visit showing some attractions - 640x360.

Full HD version is available from ManlyMainstreet via YouTube.

My Manly - Why life is better in Manly Beach, Sydney Australia! 2013

Promotional video for a day-trip to Manly by ferry showing various attractions - 640x360.

Full HD version is available from ManlyMainstreet via YouTube.

Manly2015 Masterplan Video Animation - August 2013

Promotional video outlining the Manly2015 scheme features, including the controversial relocation of the Whistler Street car park to Manly oval. Produced by Frizbee - 640x360.

Tai Rophia, Director CHROFI: "As locals and urban designers, the potential of the Manly CBD is very clear to us. We were asked to make a video that communicated this to everyone else. The 2015 Masterplan is the product of around 5 years of urban design thinking, traffic and financial modelling. The Manly 2015 Video is a concise summary of this into 3 mins 33 secs. Challenge for us was to tell such a complex story in a clear and legible manner. But with video technology, we were able to communicate complex information such as how removing vehicular conflicts can unlock the potential in our town centre and provide diversity of spaces for locals. Spatial orientation and reading maps / diagrams can be very difficult, so we had to imagine new ways to show the different spaces around Manly CBD. We would like to thank the production team for all their hard work: Dean Wells (motion graphics, editing, production), Jonathan Chambers, The Chamber (animation, fly-through) & Squint Opera (visualisation stills)."

Watch HD version (1280x720). Full HD versions are available from CHROFI (Architects) and Frizbee via YouTube.

Manly Andrew Boy Charlton Swim Centre Upgrade - September 2013

Manly Council was successful with its application for a $15 million low interest loan from the State Government to expand the Manly Swim Centre at North Manly. This promotional video outlines elements of the proposed design - 640x360

The final plan involved the building of a new, all purpose aquatic centre which included a 25 metre, 8 lane pool; seating for 150 spectators; a program pool, leisure pool & spa pool. In addition, the new centre included a sauna and steam room, administration rooms, plants rooms, gymnasium and group fitness/multipurpose space and kiosk. Following community consultation both the 50 metre and 25 metre outdoor pools were retained, with the original change rooms. Additional new change rooms were provided in the indoor facility.

Watch HD version (1280x720).

Manly Choral Christmas Concert 2014

Community Service Announcement TV Advertisement

30 Second Community Service TV Advertisement for 2014 Manly Christmas Choral Concert held at Manly oval - 640x360.

Watch HD version (1024x576).

100 Years Of Surfing - February 2015

This video recounts the evolution of surfing in Australia - from the great Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku's historic visit to our shores a century ago, right up to this year's Australian Open of Surfing contest - 640x360.

    The Early Days: 1900 - 1920
    Saving Lives: 1920s - 1940s
    Surfing's 'Coming of Age': 1940s - 1960s
    Surf Mania: Defining Australia's Surfing Identity 1960s - 1980s, and
    Modern Day Manly: 1980s - present

Watch HD version (1280x720).

Manly Council Leads the Way with Machine Learning Technology - November 2015

Manly Council uses machine learning to clamp down on over-staying tourist buses at the beach and to target people who wrongly park in parking spots for people with disabilities - 640x360.

Council’s Chief Information Officer Nathan Rogers realised that artificial intelligence could be used to monitor council car parks after seeing the How Old Do I Look app – where users upload a photo and use software that predicts their age – that went viral on Facebook about six months ago.

The council uses Microsoft Azure Machine Learning technology in three different locations around Manly, including in large bus parking zones at Manly Beach and in mobility parking bays at a swimming centre. Also details the devices connected to Manly Council's CBD optic fibre network.

Manly Choral Christmas Concert 2015

The 2015 Christmas Choral Concert was the only one held at the beachfront end of the Corso. All others before and since have been held in Manly oval. This special event was recorded for public broadcast.

Animation Sequences from 2015 Concert

The animation sequences from the 2015 Manly Christmas Choral Concert - 640x360.

Watch HD version (854x480).

2015 Concert Broadcast

Edited version of Manly Council's 2015 Christmas Carols Concert, from the Manly Corso beachfront. Runs 1 hour and 20 minutes - 640x360.

Watch HD version (1280x720).

Manly2015 Masterplan Village Centre, Manly Library Flythrough April 2016

Animated flythrough of the winning tender for the controversial proposed redevelopment of the Whistler Street Car Park and library sites - 640x360 with no audio.

Watch HD version (1280x720).