Manly Environment Centre

Caretakers of Manly's environment.

As per the MEC Statement Of Intent, the Manly Environment Centre acts as an advocate, research and resource centre as well as an environmental educator to enable and encourage broad community involvement, along with goodwill in protecting Manly’s unique environment. Each year thousands of visitors including national and international tourists, day trippers, local residents and students visit the MEC shopfront.

The Manly Environment Centre’s 23rd Ocean Care Day Festival coming in December will be a fun, interactive and all inclusive community event to raise awareness of environmental issues we face today.

History of the MEC

This year the Manly Environment Centre celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Started in 1991 its a unique combination of community, Council and local corporate sponsors.  It was the first Australian suburban environment centre and is well established as a pro-active organisation dedicated to the health of our local environment.

Get involved

The MEC is a highly valuable community resource for students and teachers from kindergarten, primary, high schools, TAFE & universities, covering subjects on all aspects of an environmental nature. This local resource library collection has a wealth of information covering over 25 years of local environmental, heritage and educational materials.

An on-line catalogue of the MEC's large enviromental resource library is presently under construction. It is located at

Manly Environment Centre offers accredited internships and work experience opportunities for a range of local, regional and overseas students in the fields of environmental study, marine science, eco-tourism, research and administration.

Staff and volunteers also actively involve the community to inspire and lead them towards sustainability by organizing, participating in and presenting a wide variety of information and community events including the local arts community.

These include:

Educational events such as the long running Ocean Care Day in December each year.  Together with Council, other partners and affiliate organizations the MEC organizes other events including:

  • Annual Eco Awards
  • Educational workshops
  • Exhibitions
  • Walks and Talks

Most importantly, information is provided and disseminated via the MEC shop-front centre and a monthly e-newsletter to allow residents and interested groups and organizations to take action and make lifestyle choice that will create positive outcomes for the planet and our local environment.

Contact information

For more information, contact the Manly Environment Centre
 on (02) 9976 2842
 or via email

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