Parks & Reserves

Manly is home to rare and natural beauty.

This includes parkland and reserves that contain creeks, native birds and animals and a variety of local flora. Despite appearances, nearly 90% of Manly’s natural environment has been degraded to some extent due to human activities.

The impacts of urban development can see native vegetation gradually replaced by weeds, and a loss of biodiversity.

Manly council is committed to protecting and rejuvenating the areas many spectacular environmental assets by:-

  • Developing a sustainable long-term management strategy.
  • Addressing how social, recreation and environmental needs can best utilise limited resources.
  • Developing strategies to conserve the natural environment to benefit current and future generations.
  • Preparing a landscape masterplan and maintenance plans to illustrate proposed changes and set out achievable actions.

These areas include:-

Dog Prohibition Zone 

To protect wildlife, Manly Council has declared that dogs are prohibited, whether or not they are leashed or otherwise controlled, in the following areas as shown in the below map:

Notices regarding the prohibition are to be displayed at reasonable intervals in the above areas.

For more information about the Dog prohibition Zone visit here:

Manly Lagoon

Visit the new Manly Lagoon minisite to learn about this highly modified shallow coastal lagoon, located at the Northern end of Manly Beach.

LM Graham Reserve