Access Manly Council Information (GIPA)

This page shows you how to access information from Manly Council under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

How to access information from Manly Council

Manly Council is committed to providing access to information in accordance with the GIPA Act.

The GIPA Act:

  • Provides you with rights to access information;
  • Encourages Manly Council to make more information available to you on our website on a proactive and mandatory basis; and
  • Allows you to access other information from Council on an informal or formal basis.

Informal Applications: Development Information or General Information

  • No fee payable to view information;
  • Information can be provided faster than a formal application;
  • Conditions can be imposed on how the information can be accessed (for example - view only); and
  • Council's decision about what information will be provided to you is not reviewable.

If you need to obtain a copy of plans and you are the owner of the property, you will need to complete the Owner's Copyright Indemnity Form below.

pdf format Owner's Copyright Indemnity (140.67 KB)

Formal Applications 

  • Processing fee is payable with application and further processing fee per hour is payable after the first hour of processing;
  • The decision may take longer due to formal requirements and the possible need to consult with third parties;
  • No conditions can be imposed on the release of information (except Copyright information which is view only);
  • Council's decision as to what information will be provided is reviewable. It can be reviewed internally at Council, or externally by the the Information Comissioner or by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Any information which is not available on our website can be requested by completing one of the forms above, or by contacting Council's Access to Information Officer.

Manly Council's Open Access Information Page provides access to a wide variety of Council information online without the need to make a request.

Access Manly Council information formally

Use this form if you wish to access information 'formally' under the GIPA Act.

Council may require you to use this form if you wish to access a third party's personal information or other confidential or commercially sensitive information.

If you need help in filling out this form, please contact Manly Council on 9976 1500 or email

pdf format CS-3 Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (50.29 KB)

Request an internal review of Manly Council's decision to provide you with access to information

If your access to information is refused, use this form to request an internal review of a decison to provide you with information. This can only be done in relation to a formal application to access information.

You must lodge this form with Council within 20 working days after notice of the decision was given to you.

pdf format GIPA Internal Review (36.69 KB)

Manly Council's access to information guidelines

Provides you with guidance on the documents and types of information available to you and on how you can access this information.

pdf format GIPA Access to Information Guidelines - Aug 2013 (126.55 KB)

Manly Council's disclosure log

Manly Council's Disclosure Log lists information previously provided in relation to a 'formal' application that Council thinks is of interest to you.

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