State of the Environment Report


Manly Council's most recent State of the Environment Reports (SoE) are available for downloading.

An SoE provides accurate and recent information for Council, community and other government agencies on the state of the Manly environment and environmental management responses taken in Manly relevant to the reporting period.

The SoE also provides a document to report Manly's progress towards meeting the goals and objectives of the Manly Conservation Strategy and the Manly Sustainability Strategy, and therefore towards our overall goals of sustainability.

Manly Council’s 2010/11 SoE Report prepared for the Manly Local Government  Area covers the period of 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011. It is a supplementary report prepared under the terms of Section 428(c) of the Local Government Act 1993, and the Local Government (General) Regulation 1993.  

The SoE Report must:

  • Address the 8 environmental sectors of land, air, water, biodiversity, waste, noise, Aboriginal heritage and non-Aboriginal heritage
  • Provide for each environmental sector, a statement outlining the condition of the sector at the date of the Report and makes the relevant comparison with the equivalent statement in the last SoE Report
  • Report on all major environmental impacts and related activities, including management plans relating to the environment; special council projects relating to the environment; and the environmental impact of council activities.

Manly Council SoE Report 2010/11 can be downloaded in its entirety or in individual chapters in pdf form below.

Full report

Previous reports

Comparing SoE reports from year to year enables Council to gauge improvements in different sectors of the environment, and also identify those areas that will need attention in the future.