Council & Committees

Manly has 9 elected representatives in total who all serve a four year term. The Mayor is elected directly by the people and is joined by 8 fellow Councillors who are also elected by the people. The Deputy Mayor is elected each year by the Mayor and Councillors.

The key function of the Councillors is to represent the diverse interests of the residents & ratepayers of Manly in determining Council policies & strategies. This assists Council to achieve the vision & goals as outlined in Council's Community Strategic Plan.

Council Meetings

The Planning & Strategy Committee and Ordinary Council meetings are held on the first and second Monday night of the month respectively.

Where a public holiday falls on a Monday, meetings will generally be held on the following Monday.

Minutes of Meetings are confirmed at the next Ordinary meeting of Council.

Agendas and Minutes may be accessed via the Manly Council website Council Meeting Dates & Business Papers, or are available for perusal at the Manly Library on the Friday prior to the meetings or on Monday night at the meeting.

The agendas and minutes are also available from the Customer Service Centre at 1 Belgrave Street Manly.

Where are Council Meetings held?

Council Chambers, 1 Belgrave Street, Manly.


Manly Council also has regular meetings of its Special Purpose Advisory Committees.  There is a set of detailed rules, called the Code of Meeting Practice, about how these meetings should be run and how their Minutes must be kept.

In order to deal efficiently with the technical and administrative issues undertaken by Council, many routine matters are delegated to Council committees.

Follow the link to find out more about Special Purpose Advisory Committee 2012 - 2016 Term.

If you are responding to an advertisement to join a committee, please complete this EOI form below.

pdf format Application to serve as a community member on a special purpose committee (96.23 KB)

Public Participation At Council Meetings

Public Address - for an item ON the Agenda

In all Planning & Strategy Committee and Council meetings, any member of the public can apply to address Council through the ‘Public Address’ provision. This allows 3 minutes to address an item on the agenda with the option of taking questions from Councillors afterwards. Note that only one address in favour of the item and one objecting to the item is generally permitted. More information regarding lodging an application can be found on the form below.

Public Forum - for an item NOT ON the Agenda

At Council's Ordinary Meetings (only), any member of the public can address Council on any matter NOT on the agenda through the Public Forum. This provision does not allow for questions to or from Councillors.

The Public Forum is scheduled to run for a maximum of 15 minutes for matters that are not listed on the Agenda. A total of five people may address Council for a maximum of 3 minutes each.

Application form to be completed on arrival at Council meeting - pdf format Application Public Forum.pdf (35.73 KB)

More detailed information on public participation at Council Meetings is available in the pdf format Code of Meeting Practice (510.61 KB)