Participate in your community

Manly Council is committed to community consultation, a key component of which is the committee-based Precinct Community Forums system. The forum approach was introduced in 1990 to extend the involvement of the community through coordinated consultation and participation. The aim is to involve all property owners, residents and workers in the decisions which affect their local area.

Role of Precinct Community Forums

Precinct Community Forums are groups of people who live, work or own property in a Precinct area. There are 12 Precinct Community Forums in the Manly Council area and you are encouraged and welcome to attend your local Precinct meeting, which is held monthly. The meetings discuss matters referred by Council for community consultation, and matters of local importance and interest to the community. The decisions of the Precincts are advisory. Their comments are responded to and considered by Council in its statutory decision making role. The Community Forums are organised by the residents. They play a vital role in ensuring that future changes in the local area are taken into account, and are sympathetic to the amenity of the local residents.

Benefits of a collaborative approach

Precinct Community Forum meetings are one avenue for informing Council of community opinion and maintaining the flow of two-way communication between residents, Council staff, and Councillors. The Precinct Community Forum system also encourages more social interaction within the community. Matters referred to Precinct Community Forums include:

  • landscaping and bushland care
  • local services
  • waste management
  • traffic matters
  • all major new policies or policy changes which directly affect the community
  • items that may impact on or alter the character of an area
  • all land re-zoning proposals
  • new development applications
  • other issues raised for discussion by the local community.

Find out more

  • visit the Precinct section on Manly Council's website
  • look out for the monthly flyer distributed to residents in your Precinct area
  • check the Manly Council News in the Manly Daily each Saturday
  • check the Precinct Community Forum Noticeboard located in your Precinct area

To find out which Precinct you belong click here

Follow this link to visit the external 'All Precincts' website for viewing past and present Newsletters and Minutes for each Precinct Community Forum