Permit Parking Schemes

The parking permit schemes were introduced around the Manly CBD to give priority to residents for on street parking near their homes.  

All Manly Council ratepayers and residents are also eligible for Designated Parking Permits.  For more information as to what these permits entitle you to and for application forms please see the Designated Parking Permit page.

The Permit Parking Scheme Areas

The following parking schemes operate in the Manly local government area:

Who can apply for a permit?

Residential Property

  • The person living at a residential property who is the ratepayer owner/occupier of the property OR
  • The tenant/s of the property.

Commercial Property

  • The person operating a business in a commercial property who is the ratepayer owner/occupier of the property OR
  • The commercial tenant/s of the property.

 NOTE: Motorbikes are exempt from having to display a parking permit. 

How many permits can I apply for?  

Each eligible, rateable address, commercial or residential, within a permit area is entitled to apply for vehicle permits and a trailer permit. Please read the individual permit parking area pages and information sheets for the number of permits that can be applied for.

Residents can apply anytime throughout the year for permits for the set fee by completing an application form which can be downloaded from the relevant permit parking scheme page on Council’s website.  The application forms are also available from our Customer Service Centre. 

How do I display a permit?

The permits must only be displayed in a Council permit holder.  There are 3 types of permit holders: 

  • a clear plastic suction cap holder which is adhered to the windscreen of the vehicle with suction caps and can be swapped between vehicles as required; or
  • a clear plastic adhesive holder which is to be permanently adhered to the windscreen of the vehicle with adhesive strips; or
  • plastic hook holders which are hung from the rear vision mirror inside the vehicle.  Please note that these hook holders are no longer supplied by Council.

Permit holders can be purchased from Council. 

Trailer permits must be permanently affixed to the trailer, as per the requirement for the display of the trailer registration.

Please see the information sheet on permit holders for more information. 

What does a permit entitle?

Each permit parking scheme area allows a vehicle displaying a valid parking permit for that area to park without time restriction in streets in the area covered by the scheme that are signposted with timed parking restrictions.  Permits are only valid in their specific area. 

For example a vehicle or trailer displaying a valid permit for Tower Hill may park in a street signposted “2P Tower Hill Permit Holders Excepted” for twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week.  

Vehicles not displaying a valid area parking permit must obey the time limits on the parking signs.  

Please refer to the individual permit parking area pages on the website for examples of the permit parking signs displayed in the respective permit areas.  

NOTE: Vehicles displaying a valid Manly Council Designated Parking Permit are allowed double the sign posted time, or four (4) hours in the “2P Permit Holders Excepted” sign-posted areas. 

How long is a permit valid?                 

Each permit is printed with an expiry date.  It is the permit holder’s responsibility to ensure renewal prior to expiry.  Please refer to the expiry date and ensure you renew your permit prior to avoid infringement.  Permits are valid for a set twelve (12) month period and pro-rata permits are not available at this time.

To apply and for more information

Please refer to the individual parking permit area web pages for further information and application forms.

Applications may be returned to Council in the following ways:

  • by email with pdf attachments of all documents including a credit card payment authorisation form; or
  • by facsimile with all documents including a credit card payment authorisation form: or 
  • by mail with all documents in hardcopy enclosing either a cheque for payment or with a credit card payment authorisation form; or
  • in person at Council during business hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.

If you are applying by email, facsimile or mail, the permits will be posted back to your address, unless you specify otherwise.