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Manly2015 was originally conceived as a way to "activate" or draw more pedestrians into the back streets and lanes of Manly's CBD, by making these places more attractive. However the original focus of the Manly2015 project was distracted by an added plan to relocate the Whistler Street car park to under the oval, and so free the existing triangle site for redevelopment. This change proved very controversial and divided the community. After amalgamation the Administator decided to withdrawn from proceeding with construction of the Oval Car Park and the redevelpment of the Whistler Street Triangle.

Subsequenly most of the Manly2015 repaving works, beyond the completion of the Sydney Road Plaza, have been completed. The substantial conversion of Sydney Road into an attractive granite-paved pedestrian plaza is probably the scheme's greatest outcome. However the matching high quality street furniture installation planned in Sydney Road was cancelled following amalgamation.

Unfortunately the Post Office Park that was leased by Manly Council from Telstra for around 40 years was allowed to be sold for redevelopment, which frustrates the future opportunity to create the planned mature-tree covered "Gateway Plaza" at the Belgrave Street end of Sydney Road.

This Mk2 Manly2015 web-site content dates from early 2015, and is for historical reference only. It is made available for the purposes of research, study and review.

Sydney Road

Sydney Road High Street

  • Works will commence before October 2015 on the refurbishment of Sydney Road.
  • Plans for Sydney Road Plaza (Fountain Street was its former name) involve upgrading the appearance of the public space and retaining a number of existing historical features and trees and lighting elements.
  • The public are encouraged to comment on the plans by sending an email to

The Streetscape Vision

With the proposed termination of traffic in Sydney Road at the intersection with Belgrave Street, the roadway between Belgrave and Whistler Streets in combination with the vacant land adjacent to the Telstra building can be developed as a Gateway Plaza that terminates the vehicle experience of the town centre.

The Plaza also provides a Gateway for those arriving from the proposed car park beneath Manly Oval and serves as a threshold for entry into the expanded public domain of Sydney Road.

In addition, Belgrave Street forms a necessary part of this Gateway experience and should be re-configured to enable the green spaces of Gilbert Park and Manly Oval to contribute to the experience while a strategy to upgrade the buildings in the street should also be adopted.