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The concept

The Manly2015 masterplan is about strengthening the aspects that make Manly a great place, repairing some of the problems that undermine Manly's potential, and in a lot of respects, returning to the key principles that were laid out by Manly's founding father Henry Gilbert Smith. In his 1853 plan for Manly, Henry Gilbert Smith envisioned a 'village' character for Manly with a 'public common' on the Triangle Site and Belgrave Street as a “Grand Boulevard”.

The masterplan provides strategies to help the re-emergence of this village atmosphere and in doing so, to start to spread the quality of activity and experience of The Corso across the entire town centre. Further the increased participation by locals will start to balance the large numbers of tourists while reinforcing Manly as a people friendly, community minded village centre.

The key aims of the Manly2015 Masterplan are:

  • Broadening the appeal of Manly for locals by introducing new community programs as well as new shops and services.
  • Revitalising Manly's laneways and streets, many of which have large components which remain un-activated.
  • Increasing opportunities for walking and cycling.
  • Building new community infrastructure needed by the local community which incorporates sustainable design principles wherever possible.
  • Providing better traffic and transport solutions in Manly for people in cars, on public transport and bikes and also for pedestrians.
  • Realising over time Gilbert Smith's vision for a Grand Boulevard in Belgrave Street.
  • Realising Gilbert Smith's vision for a 'Public Common' on the Whistler Street Triangle site and a Grand Boulevard in Belgrave Street.

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